Our Policy

Fairness based rule of law in dealing with all people.

The RLCs pursue this goal throughout Germany. It got us up early in the morning as (legal) students next to our studies and let us go to bed later in the evening to found associations, organize training courses and offer counselling – for those whose rights are threatened. The rule of law often finds it too convenient to look closely.

As an association of RLCs, we measure ourselves by: Do we effectively strengthen this work of the RLCs on site? Are our consultants increasingly better trained? Can they help more and more people? Do the RLCs have the support of universities, lawyers, government agencies and charities they need? Are they adequately represented among supraregional decision-makers? Can they make themselves heard in public? Are all the prerequisites for a responsible, professional way of working met? The umbrella organisation will not engage in activities that do not sustainably strengthen the RLCs either individually or collectively.

Precisely through the innovative and solution-oriented approach that the RLCs stand for, we want to live up to our claim and responsibility to help shape civil society and the rule of law. That is why we are working hard to introduce our pragmatic approach, based on the fundamental values of our constitution, where the rule of law is particularly challenged.

After all, our training in law is of particular benefit to our society if we see it as a responsibility and use it where it is urgently needed. There are more than good grades in life.


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